qLearning aids students in the studying process with course-specific content

qlearning-teamThe internet has made it easy to access information and find assistance before exams in college, but this is not necessarily useful for a specific course at a particular university. Based in Berlin, startup qLearning has taken aim at this issue by developing a mobile platform that allows users to find materials, written by their classmates, that may be relevant to the courses that they are actually taking.

The platform works by allowing students to find their university and to then find flashcards and multiple-choice quizzes to test out their knowledge. There is also a social aspect, as users have the option of challenging their classmates to see who has the better grasp of the course material. Although the platform is geared towards helping students study for exams, there is an incentive to contribute content, as well, as the company pays out remunerations to those willing to tutor.

qLearning has embraced a freemium pricing model, allowing users to access the service for free and charging a fee to access flashcards with more in-depth explanations behind each lecture. There is the option of paying 5.99 Euro for one particular course or buying an all-access pass for 27.99 Euro and enjoying the full platform.  The startup currently claims 70,000 users.

qLearning got its start back in 2011 when a pair of university students in Munich decided that the set of revision materials that they had compiled could be useful to others. They found no platform that would allow them to easily share them, so they went ahead and built their own. In 2013, they picked up undisclosed funding first from T-Venture, M-Investar, and K5 Ventures and then from the hub:raum incubator. Just last week, the company picked up another undisclosed amount from Investitionsbank Berlin. At the moment, the startup is mainly focused on group of European countries that includes Germany, France, the U.K., Spain, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and the Netherlands, but they are hardly satisfied. The company tells me that their goal going forward is to expand their platform to include more universities and countries across Europe (and beyond).

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