Travel startup Triptease pull in $2 million in seed money

tripteaseBritish travel-focused startup Triptease has announced that they have picked up $2 million in seed funding from Episode1 Ventures and Notion Capital. The startup, which was founded back in 2013, intends to use this latest funding to expand their sales and marketing efforts, as well as invest in product development.

Triptease was founded by entrepreneur Charlie Osmond after he experienced significant frustration in planning his own vacation trips. What is interesting is that they created the business based upon insights obtained from travellers and hoteliers, having spent 3 months interviewing them in order to try and better understand the issues that arise when guests go to book a hotel room.

The conclusion that they reached was that was that it is beneficial to both parties to book rooms directly, which led them to create a widget that shows live prices and indicates the savings that travellers could achieve by avoiding third parties. The company generates revenue by charging a flat monthly fee to hotels that embrace the platform.

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