ByRak prepares to launch as electronic-lock system for bikes

ByRak-bike-securityThe bike lock has not changed much over the years. You can typically just secure your bike with a chain and lock, but Latvian Draugiem Group, known best for creating the country’s most popular social network, plans to soon bring bike security into the modern age with ByRak, a rack and app that offers riders remote insight into the status of their ride.

This project is fairly ambitious, as it includes a large bike rack and a companion app that allows users to receive notifications with someone attempts to saw through the chain or when other suspicious activity is detected. If that is insufficient, the platform also includes a security camera there to keep a watchful eye on the area. And, riders would not necessarily need to worry about their ride being grabbed in the event of a power outage, as the system will reportedly keep it secure.

The service is free to end-users, as Draugiem says that they intend to sell the platform to companies and municipalities. Although Draugiem itself will not charge riders to use the platform, they say that they will offer their customers the option of charging a fee to secure bikes.

The ByRak platform has not yet launched, but the company tells me that they have completed manufacturing for the rack and have nearly finished developing the app, so the next move would be to roll the racks out as part of a pilot project in Europe.

2015 appears to be a good year for “smart” bike locks, as the keyless Bitlock will be shipped out to customers next month, while the solar-powered SKYLOCK is due to ship this summer. The Bitlock is currently available for $119, while the SKYLOCK is available for preorder for $149.

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