Lithuanian Rewalon introduces Challenger to help companies “gamify” their services

rewalonMarketing tools and discounts may provide some incentive for customers to try out different aspects of the business, and it’s “gamification” for Lithuanian startup Rewalon that does the trick. Essentially, the startup hopes that companies will adopt Challenger, a platform that allows them to create incentives for customers (and their friends) to keep coming back.

Challenger, the most recent service developed by Rewalon, aims to attract users with a social network that will allow customers to compete against their friends to earn points and rewards. Customers are able to rack up points through purchases, but the idea is to push them to try out other aspects of the service. Complete a survey, watch a video, “like” the company on Facebook, invite friends to use the service, and more in order to unlock various rewards.

Arnas Grigaliunas, business development manager at Rewalon, tells me that they are currently in talks to bring the platform to 10 companies across Europe. The parent company generates revenue by charging a small license fee for each engaged user (of their customer businesses).

A representative from Rewalon tells me that the founder and current CEO of that company, Ilja Polivanovas, previously created the country’s largest daily deals site and was inspired to create this development firm from a desire to build products that would help companies target mobile users. Their first service was Giftly, which allows mobile users to share gifts with one another. The company is backed by $300K from domestic investor Practica Capital and Polish backer Online Venture.

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