Geeksphone to introduce wristband that tracks physical activities including sex

geeksmeThe Spanish company Geeksphone, which has made huge reputation with its partnership with Swiss Secret Circle in developing privacy-focused Blackphone, announced today that it will launch a physical activity tracker in the form of a wrist band in the forthcoming Mobile World Congress. The company says the “Geeksme” branded wearables will first hit the shelves in the second half of this year.

geeksme-wristbandFirst specs and descriptions about the Geeksme wrist band sound like a typical activity tracking wearable that helps people keep an eye on their physical metrics. It will monitor the main data of physical activities, including sex, and allow users set goals in order to improve health. It features in an optional way, the possibility for users to monitor in a confidential manner, their sexual activity “with the aim of helping them to have a full and healthy life” as the press release reads.

The wrist band is also said to measure users’ ecological footprint in order to know how to reduce the impact. Rodrigo Silva-Ramos, Geeksphone and Geeksme co-founder said: “This is an innovative device that opens to the company a new emerging market: the wearable technology, that will permit pooling synergies with sectors such as fitness and fashion. Furthermore, through Geeksme we take technology into a new field, as that of ecological responsibility and healthy lifestyles.”

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