Bizdaq offers up marketplace for buying and selling physical stores

bizdaqIn recent years, we have seen startups emerge to help the average person invest in real-estate, stocks, or even other startups. Out of Leeds, United Kingdom, Bizdaq emerges to offer a marketplace for buying and selling physical restaurants, pubs, and stores.

Bizdaq caters to buyers and sellers, providing dashboards for both. On the business side, sellers can create a profile to receive a valuation of their company. From there, they have the ability to list their business, see who may be interested, and connect with prospective buyers. On the seller side, users have the ability of filtering businesses by location, type, asking price, and turnover. Having reviewed available businesses, they can save favorite, request documents, arrange a viewing, or submit an offer to the current owner. Bizdaq has opted for a subscription-based business model, charging 95 British pounds (100 off the typical price as an introductory offer) for 1 month of use and 395 pounds (again, 100 pounds off the usual) for 6 months. From the business side, one of the more appealing aspects of the service that there are no commission fees, as subscription fees pay for advertising.

Sean Mallon, CEO at Bizdaq, tells me that he was inspired to found the startup from his own experience with selling businesses and decided that he wanted to create a platform that would enable the masses to do the same. They launched in beta in November, but went live on Monday. Mallon says that they received 5,000 unique visits in their first few days since the public launch.

Mallon tells me that they have 1 million British pounds in backing from undisclosed private-equity investors, which they are using for development and marketing. The startup is concentrating on establishing itself in the British market for the moment, but they are already eying international expansion, with a move into the American market in the cards.

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