French startup Infinit unveils P2P file-sharing application for Windows

infinit-file-sharingFrench startup Infinit has announced that they have unveiled the Windows version of their file-sharing application. The startup launched in beta back in October, but now they are ready to go live. The company has not revealed exactly how many users they have attracted (stating that it is in the tens of thousands), but says that their total number of users increased 5-fold during 2014.

There are already cloud-based services out there, but one of the nicest aspects of this particular platform is the amount information that users are able to send. Unlike cloud-storage services, which might put a cap on the space available to users, Infinit acts as a P2P service that allows users to share an unlimited amount of data.

Another key aspect of the service is the delivery process. One of the limitations of cloud-based services is that they do not function without an internet and can be unreliable when the connection is poor. Infinit also requires a connection, but the platform pauses the transfer of files when the connection is interrupted and resumes when it returns.

Perhaps the highlight, though, is the simplicity of it. Infinit says that their platform requires little more than a couple of clicks, as users are able to share files by opening up the app and then dragging-and-dropping them on the name of the intended recipient. And then, on the other end, it is just a matter of clicking to open the file.

As a result of being able to avoid using servers, Infinit says that their file-transfer platform is free and always will be. Infinit is fairly well-backed, having recently picked up $1.8 million in external backing from undisclosed investors (total of just over $2.2 million). The company was accelerated at TechStars in New York and has since turned around and opened up its office to fellow French startups and TechStars alumni.

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