Zkyon prepares to launch fee-based platform for online bloggers and publishers.

zkyon-screenAs the print media continues its long, slow collapse, the race is on to figure out ways to figure out ways to monetize content online. Ads are one option, but not the only choice. Another avenue is a fee-based model. Swedish startup Zkyon aims to help bloggers and news publications to generate revenue by selling their content to their readers.

The service, as explained by Zkyon founder and CEO Pelle Ljungwall, aims to provide content-creators, such as bloggers and publishers, with a platform for selling their content at the price of their choosing. Ljungwall says that the platform will work as a sort of e-wallet, allowing readers to purchase content based on how much they have in the account. Ljungwall tells me that his startup intends to operate on a commission-based model, taking a small percentage of each transaction that they facilitate. Zkyon has not launched yet, but they are planning to launch in beta in the spring and to then go live in May.

Zkyon is not revealing their financial backing, but the company agreed last week to a deal with Symbal that will provide them with “significant” external funding. As reported by Copenhagen-oriented tech site Oresund Startups, Zkyon has also obtained equity from an establishment in Malmo, Sweden. They are not, however, finished with bringing in funding, as Ljungwall tells me that they are planning to complete another round once the platform enters into beta.

Back in October, we covered Blendle, a Dutch startup which sells news articles for a small fee. That startup is backed up by $3 million in funding from Axel Springer and The New York Times. Blendle, which launched in April, claims 130K users for its platform, which allows content-creators to take home 70% of the revenue generated.

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