Fieldoo provides avenue to the professional ranks for aspiring football players

fieldooProfessional football scouts may find plenty of promising young players, but even the best cannot find them all. Thanks to the power of the internet, however, hope is not lost for those who may want to live out their sporting dream and do not have a strong set of options for doing so. Based out of Slovenia, Fieldoo connects aspiring professional football players with the agents who might represent them or the clubs who may be interested in signing them.

Fieldoo has opted for a hybrid pricing model, allow users to pay a monthly fee or to pay a one-time fee for certain features. At the most basic level, the service can be accessed for free and allows amateur or professional players to create a football CV, connect with players or agents, and to receive weekly updates (professionals can also have agents/clubs scout their CV). Then, for those who are willing to shell out 59 Euro per year, there is the option of also the option of messaging agents/clubs, promoting your own CV, and see who may be expressing interest. Users also have the option of paying an additional fee in order to send messages, but what is particularly interesting is that those are willing to pay a large fee (from 97 to 247 Euro) have the option of sending out promo videos or playing several days of trial matches (from 297 to 497 Euro).

The service, which the company pitches as sort of a “football dating service”, launched back in June 2013. The concept has proven popular, as the company claims that they have attracted more than 180K users, including 160K aspiring players and 20K agents, scouts, and club representatives.

Fieldoo picked up $600K from undisclosed angels back in 2013 and tells me that they are currently in the process of closing a deal worth 7 figures. We do not know a lot about what they plan to do with the funding, but the company tells me that plans for this year include establishing a presence with the top leagues in Europe and the United States.

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