Fanzpic goes live as photo service for football fans

fanzpicWhether Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other services, it has become easier than ever to share and find photos pertaining to whatever it is that you enjoy. But the founders of Luxembourg-based startup Fanzpic, this is not sufficient for dedicated football fans. Thus, they set out to create a platform that offers fans a way to snap and share photos with other supporters of a particular club.

Fanzpic is a simple app, skipping the stats and scores of matches to focus on photos from various teams and stadiums. Features of the service will be familiar to those who use other social networks as users begin by selecting their favorite team and then either checking out general photos or filtering them down by team or by fan. If users opt to search for photos by team, they also have the option of filtering them out by event, which might let you relive memories from a particular match. As with other photo-oriented services, users can also add tags, as well as favorite those images that they wish to remember.

Ivo Kanev, who co-founded the company, tells me the service is completely free to users and promises that it always will be. The platform is iOS-exclusive for now, but they are working to developing a version of it for Android. It is worth noting that not all teams are represented within the app, but Kanev says that they are working to expand the service to cater to as many fans as possible. The app only launched yesterday and has yet to attract a large userbase, but Kanev says that it has been installed by a few dozen users.

Kanev says that they do not have external backing at this point, but they were able to develop the platform with support from Beginner Media Group, which launched in 2009 and has developed a handful of online projects.

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  1. Gerry |

    Very nice app !!! Finally something for the football fans – social only! Amazing design and very intuitive app.

  2. Flavo |

    just downloaded it and loving it so far

  3. Me |

    it’s simply amazing

  4. Filippo |

    good job guys; congrats!

  5. Robotic |

    the redesigned version is way better


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