Bunkr unveils fresh take on their presentation platform

BunkrOriginally launched as a fresh take on powerpoint presentations, French startup Bunkr has relaunched with an app that it hopes will allow people to focus on what they put in their presentations than how they put there. Bunkr has been around for a while, having been founded by Alexis Jamet and Edouard Petit, but now they have decided that they want to do things a bit differently now.

Having signed up for Bunkr, users are immediately presented with the option of creating a new presentation. Having clicked to create a new one, users are able to upload all sorts of materials, from videos, to images, to links from social networks, lines of code, and more. Notable about the platform is that, while you may be able to embed locations in Google Maps or Spotify tracks in presentations, the new Bunkr setup rarely requires more than a click or two. It is frequently as simple as typing in a URL or bringing the file up from an account in a different service. One of the more appealing aspects of the Bunkr app is that it is completely free. The startup charged a $5 per month fee when they first launched, but ultimately decided to drop it when they obtained external funding, as it was bottlenecking their growth. At the time that they dropped their pricing plan, Petit says that they had roughly 1,000 paying customers.

Petit tells me that they have picked up 75,000 users since they first launched, with 2,000 of those taking the plunge since the launch of this latest version of this application. The company says that those who have been using the old version still have 6 months to access their old files.

Back in 2014, Bunkr picked up 1 million Euro from Idinvest Partners, Kima Ventures founder Xavier Niel, and Deezer founder Daniel Marhely. Going forward, Petit says that they intend to concentrate both on acquiring and retaining users, as well as securing partnerships with major SaaS providers.

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