FoodNotify helps those who suffer from food allergies keep track of safe recipes

foodnotify940Most people do not have to worry about the burden of food allergies, but for those who do, finding appropriate recipes can be a bit tricky. Those who do have allergies, or who cook for someone who does, are generally likely to be aware of what they will be eating, as their lives may depend it. Austrian startup FoodNotify aims to make finding suitable a bit less of a hassle for those suffering from food allergies to keep track of potential problems with various recipes.

The subscription-based service maintains a database of 20,000 ingredients, which allows users to create their favorite recipes and be notified of potential problems (as well as receive nutritional information like caloric, fat, and saturated-fat values). The recipes can then be sorted into topic-related folders or marked with a certain date and time, in order to keep track of scheduled meals. Users also have the option of selecting from 14 different menu templates, if they want to save them as a Word document.

The service is not cheap, setting users back 59 Euro per month for 3 months or 29 Euro per month for 24 months (with a couple of price levels in between, depending on the time period), but the company says that they are working to develop a free app to allow users to find restaurants that use FoodNotify.

As indicated by their website, only available in German, this startup is currently focused establishing its presence in the domestic market. From there, they aim to go international, with Germany as the likely first target for expansion. Since the service launched back in November, co-founder Thomas Primus says that they have attracted 1,500 users, a figure that includes around 180 paying customers. They have already managed to pick up a bit of funding, taking in 100K Euro from Austria Wirtschaftsservice and another 30K from INiTS.

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