Dating app Couplelizer focuses on speed, lets people to quickly check their compatibility and decide

couplelizerOnline dating services have become wildly popular over the years, allowing those who lack the time or the option of meeting fun new people to connect with other. Services like Tinder, in particular, have gained significant traction recently. Now, British startup Couplelizer, which aims to help potential partners to get out and meet, has thrown its hat in the ring.

Couplelizer certainly focuses on speed, requiring users to submit only a short bio and a current photo of themselves. The service aimsto connect potential couples as quickly as possible (perhaps even within the hour of first contact), in order to be able to size one another up and decide if they want to continue meeting. Once users have become established they are able to submit date offers to as many people as they would like to meet, with the first to respond “winning” the chance to meet. Users are not required to jump into the game, however, as they have the option of sitting back and waiting for the right request before making your move. One of the current limitations of the service is that it is exclusively web-based, but they are planning to launch apps for Android and iOS in the near future.

Users of the service are able to sign up for free and to then access “virtual coins” through various actions, such as confirming an email address, inviting friends, sharing the service on social networks, and so forth. The company tells me that they intend to eventually allow users to purchase these coins with real money if they are not fond of social-networking. They also plan to allow business owners to purchase the ability to top the lists for suggested date spots.

Couplelizer has not been live for long, having launched in a trial phase back in November. The platform, which has been bootstrapped by the founders, claims 2,000 users between the U.K. and U.S. thus far. The company tells me that, in addition to improving the overall, they already have their sights set for international expansion and intend to eventually open an office in the United States.

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