Viuing prepares to boost the fan experience at sporting events with a portable device

Viuing_hand940With the increasing popularity of large TVs and high-definition picture quality, attending favorite sporting events has become a less attractive option than staying home and soaking in the action from the seat of your couch. Viuing, a startup based out of Barcelona, Spain, aims to reverse this trend by providing a platform that allows attendees to order a device that will allow them to take in the entire event experience in order to avoid missing any big moments.

The device, which is ordered beforehand and picked up at the event, will be on sale for 15 Euro and can be then returned as the attendee leaves or taken home as a souvenir. Not a whole lot has been revealed about the device, but it is expected to be a sort of tablet that will attract the TV signal of the event. The device is billed as being usable for up to 6 hours, so it should work well for more sporting events or concerts that people would attend. CEO Marc Garcia tells me that they are currently in negotiations with 3 major events to roll out the service.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the startup reeled in 700,000 Euro from a host of investors, including Bevus Capital, GV Capital, Aristos Ventures, Sitka Capital, Bankinter, Inveready Capital, and a handful of individual backers. The team behind Viuing came up with the concept back in 2013, but they most recently developed the concept while participating in the program at Conector, a Barcelona-based accelerator. Although based in Spain, the company already has global ambitions and aims to expand by completing deals with organizers of events from around the globe.

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