Lexoo offers pre-screened marketplace for those seeking an attorney

lexoo-teamFinding a qualified attorney is typically not very difficult, requiring nothing more than a Google search and maybe a phone call or two. However, as with many services, you may left wondering if you are getting a solid deal or whether the person to whom you have applied specializes in a particular area. British startup Lexoo has taken aim at the issue with a comparison platform that aims to help its users find the optimal attorney for their particular need.

Essentially, the platform allows users to quickly find quotes by entering some personal information and the budget that they would be willing to spend towards legal services. The pool of lawyers is curated by Lexoo, so users are then presented with a pre-screened set of options and the fixed-rates that the attorneys charge. The marketplace is free to use and the company says that those seeking an attorney can arrange a call with one and then back out if they wish, free of any penalty.

The startup generates revenues based on the number of transactions that they are able to facilitate, taking 10% from lawyers, depending on how much business the latter picks up through the platform. The company won’t say how many users they have picked up since the platform launched in July 2014, but does report that they have witnessed 30% month-over-month growth and have generated more than 1,000 quotes.

Daniel van Binsbergen, who works as the startup’s CEO, tells me that he was once worked as a lawyer at a large firm and, as a result, would frequently receive requests from friends and family about legal services. Specifically, they typically wanted to know who they should turn to and, having done so, wanted to know if they were being charged a reasonable rate. So, he decided to take on the problem by quitting his job and, together with Chris O’Sullivan, created a platform that they hoped would act as a transparent marketplace for legal services.

Just last week, the company announced that they have pulled in $400,000 in new funding from Forward Partners and Jonathan McKay, the chairman of JustGiving. Dye says that they are planning to put the money to use by investing in marketing and bolstering their operations as a whole.

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