Snaptrip helps travelers access last-minute deals on cottages

snaptripFor a quiet vacation, like in a cottage or a theme village, you will most likely need to plan and book pretty early, like several months before hitting the road for it. British startup Snaptrip aims to promote an alternative approach to booking, offering discounts to those who decide to be a bit more spontaneous and wait until the last minute in hopes of accessing significant discounts on available properties.

There are a couple of ways to find the deals available, as prospective travelers can search by a specific location, date, and size (of the cottage) or simply click to view all of the current listings and then filter them down by price, amount of savings, rating, or by “Snaptrip sort”. Each listing essentially provides an overview of the home, as well as a set of photos and listing of amenities. For those who do not feel like constantly checking the site for latest deals, the company is offering a subscription plan that offers members exclusive deals based on their usage of the site.

Since the startup launched back in April 2014, their listings have grow to include 15,500 properties across the U.K. and Ireland (but not Northern Ireland, it seems). The company says that they generate revenue by charging a commission to the rental agency that manages the properties. Thus far, they say that they have booked hundreds of rentals.

The company tells me that founders Matthew Fox and Dan Harrison decided to create the business from a desire to provide a platform through which travelers could book based on date, as opposed to location, and potentially score a lower price if the rental agency needed someone to rent out the property at a particular time. The idea is that those who wait will decide based on the discounts on properties available and therefore take a chance by checking out a part of the U.K. or Ireland that they may not otherwise consider.

To date, Snaptrip has pulled in $1 million in external backing, claiming VC Forward Partners as their primary investor. Fueled by that funding, they are planning to double the size of their team, which currently numbers 10, within the next year.

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