Pikkpack provides modern update to traditional domestic leather shoe

pikkpack-shoesHungary does not offer make significant waves in the startup world, but one of the more notable recent products out of this country is Pikkpack, a company producing a minimalist, leather-based shoe. The shoe came about as Sara Gulyas, the company’s founder, decided that she wanted to put her years of experience in leather design to use in creating a shoe that would help people to think more about what they put on their feet. Initially, she designed the shoe, modeled after the traditional Hungarian bokscor and given a modern update, for her own use, but, receiving a significant number of compliments while wearing it around San Francisco, she decided that it would be worth offering her creation for retail.

The shoe offered by Pikkpack is not particularly suited for heavy-duty use, but represents an option for those looking for some casual wear. The shoe is not pre-assembled, as prospective wearers are required to stitch together the parts, which include a cowhide sole, a single piece of water buffalo leather, and brightly-colored laces. There is not much choice when it comes to leather, as they only offer customers the option of black or brown, but they offer more variety in terms of laces, selling them in bright grey, as well as bright fuschia, green, yellow, and blue. and  Although they use leather, they is animal-friendly, so to speak, as they tell me that they are currently searching for a vegan replacement to the leather that they offer for the sole.

Since the startup launched back in 2013, they have been selling 20 pairs per month at $110 (plus shipping) a pop, which they are currently shipping out of their online store.

Back in June 2014, the company picked up just over $20,000 from 198 backers through Kickstarter. However, they are currently seeking out angel investors to ramp up their marketing efforts.


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