London startup Dojo, which offers a curated selections of events and attractions, announces £800K round

dojoapp-londonDojo, a service aiming to provide high-quality suggestions for places to visit in London, has announced that they have raised approximately 800,000 British pounds in funding from the London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF), an investment tool created by London mayor Boris Johnson to support local startups. In addition to LCIF, participants in this round include Playfair Capital, as well as Saatchinvest and several private angel investors. For LCIF, this is actually the first deal to have been completed.

Dojo was founded by a trio of graduates from Bristol University as a service for providing young people with a list of interesting places to eat or drink. There is competition from the Lithuanian-founded and London-based YPlan, which is backed by more than $37 million, but Dojo is looking to go beyond offering cheap tickets to events by listing spots that may be of interest to those searching for street art or exhibitions, newly-opened clubs, food festivals and markets, fitness classes, and more.

Dojo has been iOS-exclusive since it launched in August, but the team behind are planning to roll out an app for Android in March. They are not neglecting their iOS app, either, as the startup reports that a “snazzy” update will rolled out in just a few weeks. The company is planning significant geographic expansion as well, using Saatchinvest to take their service global by the end of this year.

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