Cofinder helps help aspiring entrepreneurs connect with suitable co-founders

cofinderBefore any startup gets off the ground, it helps to have a solid team in place. A lot of startups are built by a group of friends, while others may come together during an acceleration program. Services like LinkedIn may offer one option, but Slovenian startup Cofinder has developed an alternative platform that it hopes will enable prospective entrepreneurs to hook up with the people who will help their startups to grow.

The service functions by allowing individuals to post profiles and companies to post vacancies for certain positions on projects. On the individual side, it is possible to click on certain categories (programmers, designers, developers, etc.) or to search with filters like location, name, availability, location, and more. One of the nicer aspects of this service is that employees are able to indicate that they are only available part-time or on the weekend, making it easier to weed out candidates who might be unavailable at certain times. On the business side, companies similarly list projects that will be of interest to those who can work full-time, those available only on the weekend, and more.

A representative from Cofinder tells me that the team came up with the concept from watching their own friends struggle to get companies off the ground. They actually tried using LinkedIn at first, but found that it and other services were more people-oriented than project-focused. As opposed to having individuals report on who they are, Cofinder aims to provide a platform through which founders can post details about projects and find people who may fit that particular work.

The company, which has been completely bootstrapped since it launched just over a year ago, claims more than 1,000 users from across the E.U. The representative says that each applicant is individually verified in order to ensure a high quality of potential available team members.

The service is completely free and the company says that it always will be. Cofinder says that it is able to keep the service free by arranging matchmaking events with local founders.

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