Lovli provides family-oriented platform for recording and sharing special moments

loveliappWhether Facebook, Instagram, or elsewhere, there is no shortage of places to share photos online. German startup Lovli believes that there is space that specifically caters to families and offers a place to host and share memories of your children as they grow.

Lovli provides a broad service, allowing its users to create profiles for each of their children or other family members and then deposit photos and videos that they might take of that individual. Their app enables users to snap photos, take videos, “capture memories”, and to document how their children grow. They can also pass along the info to the grandparents or others by creating collages or postcards through the app.

One of the downsides for Android users is that the service is not yet available for that operating system (it’s iOS-exclusive thus far), but co-founder Johannes Simon tells me that they will not have to wait long, as an improved version of the service is coming in February. Simon tells me that they pushed out their MVP in November 2013 and then launched a more extensive version last 2014. However, that version continued to lack in network functions. Simon says that version 3.0 will be their most expansive yet and will convert the service from a family chronicle to a family network. The service is completely free at the moment, but they are planning to eventually embrace a freemium revenue model.

Despite the crowded market, these guys have found a spot, attracting 10,000 users, primarily in Europe and South America. Simon tells me that they intend to expand their marketing efforts with the launch of their Android app.

Lovli has opted for local investors, taking in a “middle-six-figure” sum from etventures.

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