Mobile Job takes aim at blue-collar workers with online and offline headhunting service

mobilejobOnline job sites make it increasingly simple to find work, but the situation is not quite as favorable to blue-collar workers, who may not have time to check online for jobs in construction, waiting tables, in manufacturing, or other areas, finding vacancies is not always as simple. Stores will frequently advertise vacancies, but for German startup Mobile Job, it is not enough.

Mobile Jobs takes an interesting approach to helping companies find qualified employees, conducting both offline and online campaigns. In their offline efforts, Mobile Job fans out and places posters in the area near the job. They display a code, which prospective applicants can submit through their smartphones in order to begin the application. Or, those who use Facebook may be presented with similar ads, which represents the online outreach effort. The application process is completely free to the prospective workers, while companies ordering the campaigns are charged 750 Euro for a process that lasts 4 weeks and includes the marketing of the vacancies through Facebook, the setup of software, and automated rejection messages. For an additional 350 Euro, companies are able to order the placement of posters, interview reminders, or the scheduling of appointments.

This startup was conceived back in September 2013, but officially launched in early 2014. Steffen Manes, who co-founded the company with Kai Daniels, tells me that they have raised $750,000, with the most recent investment coming in December in the form of a deal with High-Tech Grunderfonds (HTGF) valued at a sum “in the mid-six figures”. The company previously obtained investment from Berlin-based etventure. Unsurprisingly, they are anxious to expand and Manes tells me that they are planning to hire new employees and to invest more money into technical development. To date, Manes tells me that 2,000 people have used the system to apply for positions, while 70 companies have taken advantage of the platform to reach new prospective applicants.

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