TheSocks tends to the often-ignored feet with sock-focused online store

thesocksThe socks are typically not a high priority for men when dressing up. For British online retailer TheSocks, they are up there at the very top. Emerging a few months ago, the startup has sold more than one thousand boxes (more than 3,000 pairs of their flagship item) to customers in 14 countries across the globe.

TheSocks only offers a handful of options at the moment, which they call “The Samurai”, “The Barbarian”, “The Player”, “The Millionaire”, “The Legend”, and “The Legend”. Each type differs in terms of the type of material used (the company says that they designed the socks themselves and managed every step of the production process to ensure quality and keep prices low). Getting your hands on one of these types is a matter of visiting their shop and then indicating where you plan to wear them (work, pleasure, or formal) and what type (durable, luxury, or soft). Your color options are limited to black or black/blue, but customers do have the option of selecting from 3 sizes. One of the more interesting aspects of this particular service is that they offer the “re-sock” option, which allows customers to sign up for a regular delivery (every 3,4, or 6 months) of a particular type of socks to their doorstep. At the moment, the company ships worldwide (though not yet to Africa).

We do not often come across companies looking to put their products in airport stores, but . Ivan Zchekov from TheSocks tells me that they have reached a deal to put a stand in a duty-free store at international airport, with a second stand to come. They are also in the process of potentially partnering with a high-class shoe store, as well as hooking up with an airline. The company has been completely bootstrapped up to this point, but Zchekov says that they have been talking with potential investors and are in the process of finding the right one to fuel their growth.

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