Swedish startup Teller prepares to unveil ambitious new email client

teller-emailWhile existing e-mail clients continue to work perfectly well, innovation is hardly a bad thing and it is refreshing to find startups that are willing to take significant risks in unleashing a new variation of a popular service or product. Teller, an email service based out of Sweden, wants to shake things up by introducing an ambitious new platform that aims to make email “smarter” and potentially more useful for those who face a barrage of messages each day and wish to prioritize.

Not a whole lot is known about Teller at this point, but what we do know is that the principle behind it is to deliver messages to users based on relevance, as opposed to chronological order. Then, if a user were to go on vacation or simply not check their email for awhile, their inbox would appear as they left it when they next sign-in. Interestingly, the company wants people to hold off on checking their email, saying that the service becomes more efficient with the longer that users wait. Also worth noting that, while the service will be released to various platforms, the company intends to bring it to the Mac.

Like any business, these guys will need to generate revenue somehow. However, Joel Marsh, who co-founded the service with Jimmy Brodd, tells me that they are adamantly opposed to using ads or selling the data of their users to do it (they don’t even plan to save the data, says Marsh). They do have plans to generate revenue, likely in a freemium model, but will release details about it at a later date.

Marsh tells me that, while they have not yet decided when they will launch, interested users will not have to wait long, as they are planning to go live some time during Q1 2015. Although they have not yet launched, the company has obtained external backing, taking in 200,000 Euro from MOOR, which is the family fund of Kaj Hed, the owner of Rovio. Marsh tells me that Teller plans to raise another round after the launch of the email client in order to hire new talent and bring the platform to mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and others.

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