Bulgarian Marzelivo aims to capture market-share among local food-delivery services

marzeviloYou have to buy your food somewhere, but many people have little time for it. Marzelivo, a startup out of Bulgaria, has attempted to tackle this issue by developing an express delivery service for those with little time or desire to head out to the store to pick up their needed items.

The service is fairly straight-forward, as users register or call in and order various products, to be delivered to the home or office. It is not just food, either, as the company sells items from rolling paper to soap to condoms to cleaning supplies. Unlike other services, which expand quickly, Marzelivo currently focuses on the capital of Sofia, preferring to limit its operations to one main hub.  In order to fund the service, Marzelivo tells me that they charge a fee of 2 Euro on top of each purchase made by the user.

Although currently operating as a delivery operation, the company says that they plan to soon expand their focus and introduce a weekly shopping service geared towards parents and professionals, which would ostensibly save customers 3-5 hours per week. Marzelivo has been in operation for a little while, having been founded 3 years ago, and has attracted roughly 10,000 Euro in funding from 3 undisclosed investors. The company tells me that they currently claim 250 registered users, as well as 500 customers who prefer to order over the phone. Despite the modest number of users, the company tells me that it is profitable.

One of the difficulties facing this particular startup is competition from giants like Foodpanda (a Rocket Internet venture), as well as food-delivery services like BGMenu, AMAM, Gladen and startups which specifically delivery from supermarkets, such as Enoti and Shop24.

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