YOU-app helps people keep their new year’s resolutions to improve their daily lives

youapp-screenWith every turn of the calendar to January, millions will set out new life goals for themselves, be it to lose weight, quit drinking, or whatever it may be. And, just as regularly, most will abandon these efforts within weeks or months. Finnish startup Fifth Corner Inc. is taking a stab at the problem with YOU-app, which provides users with a bit of guidance as they take steps to improve their lives.

YOU-app, which became available for download on January 1st, aims to act as a sort of calendar to help users to get more out of their daily lives. More specifically, the app offers daily suggestions, such as meals to make, activities, or ideas for photos.The app, which is currently iOS exclusive (a version for Android is scheduled to launched in Q2 2015), is being offered as a general wellness platform, focusing on “microactions”. Essentially, it aims to help users to improve their lives by taking small steps towards happiness, rather than reach your goal all at once.Although not specifically designed to help them to keep their new year’s resolutions, the release date of this app is hardly a coincidence.

The app will not officially launch until next month or March, but an early access version is currently available. Nelli Lahteenmaki, CEO and co-founder of Helsinki-based Fifth Corner Inc., which developed the app, tells me that the service is completely free for now, but that they are planning to shift to a “freemium” model and charge for certain features.

Many apps struggle to get their name out there, but marketing has not been marketing has not been an issue for them, as they have partnered with celebrity chef and health-food advocate Jamie Oliver to get their name out there. In addition to helping to promote the service, Oliver’s team is reportedly helping to develop content for the platform.

In order to fund the project, Fifth Corner Inc. recently obtained $550K from Wellington Partners and angels from the U.K. and Finland in its first funding round. However, Lahteenmaki says that an earlier version of YOU-app was funded as part of another startup, Health Puzzle, which she also co-founded and heads, by 2 undisclosed Finnish angels.

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