WalletSaver analyzes calling and texting habits, offers up suggestions on ideal phone plan

walletsaverWhen traveling abroad, one of the first moves by most people is to find a tariff plan for their phone. In many cases, you can probably find a SIM card, but you might not have any idea if you are getting the best value. Even if you are buying a plan for your phone at home, there may be little indication of the appropriateness of the plan for your habits. WalletSaver, an Italian service which launched in late November, aims to remove the mystery and help users to find the ideal plan.

The app, available on Android (and soon on iOS), offers its users information on their calling and texting habits and then provides suggestions on their ideal phone plan, based on the user’s data. The app, which is free, is available worldwide, but the analysis aspect is currently limited to the Italian market. Giacomo Putignano, co-founder and CEO of the startup, tells me that they have reached 5,000 users, and that is without spending anything on marketing. The company says that it aims to expand to two further countries this month.

Putignano tells me that the inspiration behind the app came to him during his time in China. He founded that he needed to obtain a phone plan, but had issues with the language and ended up just selecting a random SIM card. Returning home to Italy, Putignano found that, even without the language barrier, it was a challenge to find the ideal phone plan. Thus, he set out to build a service to help others to solve this issue.

Plenty of startups partake in acceleration programs to give their business a boost, but these guys are actually participating in two, the FinTech accelerator in Milan and the Lisbon Challenge in Portugal. Putignano tells me that the company is currently supported by an undisclosed figure (less than 200,000 Euro) from a public and private investor.

One of the primary competitors in this market is Weplan, a Spanish startup that claims hundreds of thousands of users for its Android app, which allows its users to monitor their data (for free) and to see how much they would save by going with various providers.

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