Long-term archiving startup Longaccess announces BigStash platform and new seed funding

longaccess_logoGreek long-term archiving startup Longaccess announces that they have pulled in 300,000 Euro in seed funding and are launching BigStash, a long-term archival platform. The company says that the new funding, which comes from EU-backed JEREMIE Openfund II, will allow it to integrate with other platforms and to add additional security features. This latest funding brings their total amount of external backing to 410,000 Euro.

As opposed to cloud storage, which allows users to sync between devices and platforms for immediate access, BigStash is promoted as being a sort of online safety deposit box for amateur and professional content creators. As opposed to cloud services, this platform allows users to message the service and request a particular piece of information (be it photos, videos, etc.) and receive it a few hours later. The service is currently integrated with Dropbox, but the company says that integration with other platforms is coming.

In order to celebrate the launch of BigStash, the startup has announced that they are offering 1TB of free storage for a year, whereupon users will subscribe. Even after the trial period, users can get 10GB per month for free, while paid plans start at $15 annually for 100GB.

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