Portuguese startup PET2MATE facilitates global pet adoptions

pet2mateMost pet-owners will acknowledge that their precious dog or cat livens up the home, but finding the ideal pet or information is not always easy. One option is to visit a local adoption agency, but there is no guarantee that they will have a particular breed (if you have one in mind). Portuguese startup PET2MATE, which started up last year, aims to fill this role as a global facilitator for pet adoptions.

Although founder Afonso Barbosa began the service out of a desire to find a “boyfriend” for his cat through adoption, the service has since expanded its focus. Essentially operating as a social network for pet owners, the platform currently offers a spot for posting photos, finding your pet, and connecting with pet professionals. The service, which is currently exclusively web-based, caters to a global audience with versions of the site in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

One of the more appealing aspects about the service is that it is completely free to use, but this could present an issue for the startup, as Barbosa says that they have bootstrapped to this point. Barbosa, who launched the service back in October 2013, tells me that the team is currently focused on attracting users, which number more than 34,000 at this point. Going forward, Barbosa also says that they are planning to rebrand the service in order to highlight its function as a platform for adoption.

One of the primary competitors in this market is Petfinder, which largely serves as a directory for adoption organizations. Although a significantly larger service, offering access to more than 12,000 adoption groups, the site is limited in focus to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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