Lowdown speeds meeting preparation by providing quick access to information on fellow attendees

lowdownUpon entering any meeting, it is generally preferable to know something about the other participants to prepare a bit. LinkedIn has established itself as the king of work-based social networks, but checking the profiles of each participant at a meeting scheduled on short notice, as well as their accounts on sites like Twitter or Facebook, can be tedious. British startup Lowdown aims to streamline the process with an app that acts as a sort of meeting assistant, providing quick access to info on people and companies attending.

Essentially, the Lowdown platform works by analyzing the meetings that its users arrange through the Calendar app on the iPhone and draws up a list of those people and companies who will be attending. The app also provides information about the location of the meeting (including directions to the site), company profiles, and recent emails. Just this week, the company announced an addition to the platform, a service called Here, which allows users to confirm their attendance at the actual meeting with one click of a button.

CEO David Senior, who co-founded Lowdown, tells me that Here has roughly 2,500 users thus far. The service is not monetized at the moment, but Senior tells me that they plan to head down that path in 2016. Although they are not charging for here, they have monetized the core Lowdown service, taking $8 monthly or $80 annually from subscribers. That particular service boasts more than 3,000 users to date.

In funding the startup, the company did not stray far from home, as it claims funding from the family and friends of the founders, as well as having raised an undisclosed amount of funding from the Indian Angel Network in October. All told, the company reports 260K pounds in external financial backing.

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