Polish startup Omni3D applies 3-D printing to energy with compact wind turbine

AE3DHeading out into the woods to go camping can sometimes be a welcome respite from the stress of daily life, but one of the challenges on any trip is going to be finding a reliable source of energy. Enter the AirEnergy 3D, a 3-D printed wind turbine that can generate a moderate amount of power, enough to charge a few electrical devices or a lightbulb.

One of the more interesting aspects of this device is that they are not only looking to provide a “greener” portable generator, but that this team is fully embracing 3-D printing by offering a wind turbine created from printed parts that can generate up to 300W of power, which should be enough to charge your iPhone, laptop, or other electrical devices. Although the device is being marketed as a commercial product, the team behind it is actually offering the specifications for those who might have access to a 3-D printer and want to create the device for themselves.

The device is not super cheap at roughly $350, but might be a worthy investment for those who frequently travel to places where power is not readily available. At the moment, the plan seems to be to ship the device out to backers in February. One of the neater aspects of the project is that the company pledges to send one of their generator to an African village in need of energy for every 2,500 pounds raised. The company did not pick up a huge amount of funding, hauling in more than 24,000 pounds from 205 backers, but they they managed to surpass their modest goal of 19,000 pounds. Omni3D, the Poznan-based creators of this project, are a firm big on the power of 3-D creation, selling 3-D printers and scanners.

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