The Viewbox aims to convert smartphones into 3-D projectors

viewboxFor years, 3-D has held promise as the future of viewing screens. For a long time, the potential of the viewing experience has been in being able to immerse yourself in whatever you are watching. When it comes to movies, 3-D has become modestly popular, allowing viewers to appreciate the power of the big screen. Television? Not so much. Now, it may be time for smartphones. Google has previously rolled out a cheap cardboard device to enable 3-D viewing on phones, but now a new competitor, Swedish startup Evomade, looks to enter the ring. 

The company’s Viewbox is a pretty simple product, made out of the nylon fabric Neoprene, that allows users to turn their smartphones (up to 90x170mm in size) into a 3-D projector with the help of a pair of convex lens. One of the advantages of this device, as opposed to Google’s offering, is that the straps allow users to wear it on their head and give their arms a rest. The team behind this project claims that its device offers larger lens and can support larger phones than Google Cardboard, is washable, and can be folded for easy portability. 

Interestingly, the team is offering do-it-yourself kits or to see a pre-assembled headset. At the moment, the cheapest DIY headset can be picked up for 200 Swedish krona (just over $25), while the cheapest pre-assembled headset goes for 290 krona (just over $37). The device between the devices is that those who opt for the DIY kit will have to glue the straps together. Regardless of the option chosen, backers can currently expect to receive their device in April.

The company started with a pretty modest goal, looking to pick up only about $10,000, but they have already surpassed that, raising just over $20,000 with another 15 days to go in the campaign.

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