The COBI brings an all-in-one interactive dashboard to the bicycle

COBIbikeAccessing information while out on a bike ride is arguably easier than ever. With mini-computers in our pockets, in the form of smartphones, or on our wrists, it’s typically no problem to just tap a screen a few times and answer emails, receive notifications, etc. But for those who wish that they could have an interactive dashboard like the ones found in newer cars, the COBI may be what you seek.

This system, which includes an interactive display for smartphones and a light, attaches to the bike’s handlebars and allows riders to access various information or exert greater control over the bicycle. More specifically, the display offers information about the rider’s health (can connect to Apple Health, Google Fit, and other platforms), is integrated with various streaming-music services, offers directions and maps, a security system that will send smartphone users an alert if their bike is being stolen, and more.

Some of the features, such as the health monitor, music player, map service, etc. are already available on other devices, but the advantage here is that this setup is specifically geared towards bikers. One aspect that differs is the headlights that backers can attach to their biker. Not all terrains or riders are alike, which is why the company is promoting lights for rural and urban environments, as well as lights designed for mountain or racing bikes. One of the key aspects of this product seems to be a commitment to the concept of hands-free biking, particularly when it comes to the lights. The company is promoting these lights as “smart” lights, automatically indicating when the rider is braking, brightening or dimming based on the surrounding environment, and flashing a turn signal as the rider heads in a particular direction.

The team behind this project set out to raise $100,000, but they have soared past that, taking in $292,000 from more than 1,400 backers with another 9 days to go in the campaign. Those who pick one up will likely have to wait quite a while, however, as the company does not anticipate sending them out to early backers until June.

The device is somewhat expensive for a light and phone stand, available to backers for $145 (unless someone hurries and grabs the last one at $115). But, it may be worth for those who are looking for a bike-specific dashboard and lighting system.

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