“Is It Kosher?” simplifies the process of finding kosher food nearby

isitkosherFor those looking for kosher food, finding acceptable items is not always simple. KosherDev, a startup out of Estonia, has decided to throw its hat into the ring and roll out “Is It Kosher?” an app designed to help those who keep kosher to avoid the hassle of spending a significant amount of time researching various products.

Essentially, the platform is a basic search service that allows users to enter the name of a particular product and reference various product databases. Or, the user can scan the item while in the store, if that route is more suitable. The company recently made the item more social-friendly, as well, allowing users to share the location and price of items that they find.

The free service has proven to be somewhat popular since it launched back in February 2013, having been installed on Android and iOS more than 8,000 times and claiming more than 4,000 active users. At the moment, the company says that they serve more than 60 databases, including information on more than 220K items.

Nearly 2 years old, the company has still managed to run on funding from the project’s co-founders, Jevgeni Levin tells me. He adds that they currently have interest from a few different potential investors, but have yet to make a decision in this area.

One of the reasons that the company is able to survive without funding is that, thus far, their expenses are fairly low. Levin says that they have not yet monetized the service, but that it has not been an issue because they are only incurring some minor development costs.

Even though they began as a service for those seeking out kosher food, they have branched out recently to a larger audience by releasing an Android app called “Is It Gluten Free?”, for those who need gluten-free food or simply want to incorporate that into their lifestyle.

Is It Kosher? is not the only kosher-focused app out there, but it appears that each maintains a slightly different focus. Kosher Wine Society helps users find kosher wines, while Kosher is worth a download if someone is seeking to find local kosher restaurants. And then there is Kosher Recipes, which provides users recipe ideas. One of the primary direct competitors in this market is cRc Kosher Guide, based on products recommended by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

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