Slovenian startup GOAT STORY reimagines the coffee mug

goatmugSlovenia does not often make major waves in the startup world, but one startup aiming to make noise is GOAT STORY, which is attempting to reimagine the coffee mug.

The mug, which the creators say resembles the horn of a goat, won’t sit easily on the table, but that’s where the leather holder comes into play. The holder, which is detachable, can sit on the table and allow the drinker to prop their mug up like any other cup. Drinkers can also get short or long leather straps for the map, if you would prefer not to carry it around in your hand all day. The mugs that they are offering are reportedly made from 100% “eco materials” and are able to keep coffee warm for up to 2 hours.

These guys didn’t set a particularly high bar for their Kickstarter campaign, asking for a modest $25K. However, they have already soared past that, picking up just over $205K from 5,620 backers with another 18 days left in the campaign. Should they reach the $250K mark, the company says that they intend to also make a special hemp bag available to backers.

Those who order one will likely not have to wait long to receive it, as the company plans to begin shipping out to their backers in late February. At the moment, the cheapest package still available through the Kickstarter campaign would set you back $25 and include a mug and both a long and short leather strap.

At its current level of funding, GOAT STORY has become the 5th Slovenian project on Kickstarter to obtain at least $200K in funding. At the moment, the record for funding from this country is held by Chipolo, which hauled in more than $293K for a iOS and Android-supported keychain tag back in November 2013.

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