SBA of France and GBA of Turkey invest in Swiss big data analysis startup Faveeo

faveeoSophia Business Angels (SBA) and its strategic partner Galata Business Angels (GBA) of Turkey have moved together in a new round of funding for big data analysis startup Faveeo. In their first mutual funding, SBA and GBA announced they are putting 800K in Switzerland-based company.

Previously backed by Technologic Innovation Foundation of Canton de Vaud (FIT), is an analysis startup that monitors the perception of businesses on social media and web and prepares reports to help the image management. The company says they are able to serve clients of all scales with their customizable web and social media monitoring tools. It names Universal Postal Union (UPU), World Health Organization (WHO) and many international organizations among its clients, and claims 300% jump in their revenues in 2014.

Faveeo CEO and founding partner Alexis Dufresne, a sociologist by profession, says they do not just collecting and analyze big data but mainly helps clients to produce insights out of them and make smarter decisions for their businesses. Melih Odemis of GBA says they expect Faveeo grow even bigger in 2015.

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