London-based Jukedeck offers up original music to online video creators

jukedeck_LeWebLondon-based Jukedeck may not be a well-known name at the moment, but, fresh off a win at the LeWeb’14 startup competition, they may not remain unknown for long. For video producers, such as video-bloggers on YouTube, one of the tasks with each clip is to add the perfect track for the moment. You’ve got the graphics and actual content, but finding a nice track can be tricky. One option is to throw in your favorite tune, while another is to search out some generic music. Jukedeck aims to help out those looking for something a bit different for their videos.

This service offers original music (the company says that it can be accessed in a single click) to video producers, but offer a measure control over the track created. For those unwilling to pay, there is the option of selecting a simple tune. But for those willing to shell out a small fee, there is the possibility of a more complex tune (like with a full orchestra) or choose your own instruments. One of the more appealing aspect of the service is that they allow their users to try it for a year for free (for early-users only, however) and only then to begin charging them.

Jukedeck has yet to launch and it remains to be seen how well the startup will achieve traction. However, they have already begun to work with Google through their Developer program and the company says that YouTube video-producers have used the service’s music in videos that have generated 400K views.

The founders of this company did not have to go far to find financial backing, picking up funding from Cambridge Enterprise (investment arm of Cambridge University), Cambridge Innovation Capital, and Parkwalk Advisors (through their University of Cambridge Fund). It is perhaps not surprising that the startup picked up backing from these sources, as a couple of members of the company’s managing team, including founder Ed Rex, graduated from Cambridge. The company says that they started off with a small seed round from the university in 2012, but then later reeled in 500K pounds this year from the university and Cambridge Innovation Capital.

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