Anagog helps you to find an open parking space with its crowdsourced platform

anagog-carDriving in the city can be a pretty stressful experience. There are crazy drivers, unpredictable pedestrians, and just a ton of confusion. On top of this, in the larger cities, finding a quality parking space can sometimes be a nightmare. Some are willing to pay for a spot, but that option is not always available and can prove expensive when there are lots nearby.

Israeli startup Anagog has taken aim at this issue and looks to help people to avoid wasting their time in searching for an empty parking space by letting them know when spots become available.

Those concerned about privacy may be wary, but Anagog’s platform functions by analyzing millions of “parking events” to gather a picture of historical parking data for a city. The system analyzes the status of device holders and determines when they are leaving or are approaching their car. In the latter situation, they would then alert nearby drivers in real-time to tell them that a spot will likely soon become available.

Yaron Aizenbud, who founded the company, tells me that the CrowdPark service, which just launched this month, that they have millions of users who contribute “parking events” into the service. These guys have solid backing for a service that just launched. Last week, the company announced that they have picked up $1 million in funding from a group of private investors. Aizenbud says that they have attracted a huge number of users in only a short period of time by distributed their SDK and arranging partnerships. Ultimately, he says that they are planning to launch a parking service in cities with a significant number of installations of the parking-navigator app.

Some of the primary competitors in this market include Streetline, which was founded back in 2005 and claims more than $50 million in external backing, and ParkMe, founded in 2009 and claiming $8.3 million in funding. One of the primary differences in the companies is that ParkMe provides parking data to companies like mapmakers, app developers, and GPS navigation services. Anagog provides information based on parking meters and lots.

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