Sharingear lets musicians cut down on production costs by renting gear while on the road

sharingear-screenAlthough I am not a musician, I imagine that most musicians would prefer to bring their own instruments and electronic equipment to gigs, but for those who are not as picky, Denmark-based startup Sharingear aims to help. As the “sharing economy” becomes the rage, these guys are looking to help bands and musicians out by offering a platform through which they can rent equipment on the road and keep their production costs down.

In this sense, gear can mean everything from guitars to tour buses to heavy equipment , among other items. One of the nicest aspects of the service is that it is free to create profiles and list your gear on the site. Sharingear says that they generate income by charging a small commission on every transaction that they facilitate. And for those reluctant to hand their gear over to total strangers, the startup says that they an insurance company to ensure that the equipment is covered in case of damage.

The service only launched last month in closed beta, so those interested will need to wait a bit. A representative from the company tells me that they have roughly 1,000 users at the moment, but that figure may grow when they officially launch in early 2015. Though its based out of Denmark, they have larger ambitions and are aiming to quickly bring the platform to rest of Scandinavia, the U.K., Europe, and the U.S.

The company is not currently discussing their financial situation, telling me only that they accelerated at Danish Startupbootcamp and then took on a small pre-seed round to fund their international expansion. Going forward, the company is looking to partner with the ideal investor, as well partner with record labels and breweries to get the company’s name out there.

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