Spacemingler offers platform for renting out your extra space for a little extra cash

spacemingler“Sharing economy” has increasingly become a feature of life. Now, Norwegian startup Spacemingler is offering their own spin on it, allowing users to rent out their unused space for a price of their choosing.

In order to get started, users of the service are expected to indicate whether they are looking for space or offering it to others. Renters are expected to indicate whether they live in home or apartment, list the amount of the space that they have available, and the price. And, on the flip side, renters can then seek out the ideal spot and price to store their things. As seems to be commonplace with services creating a marketplace, this startup plans to generate revenue by taking a commission of 15% from each transaction facilitated. Posting ads for space on the site would be free.

This service has yet to launch, but those interested may not have to wait long. In December, the company is planning to launch in beta with participation from 145 users who have signed up for far and then officially launch in January.

The co-founders, one from Korea and one from Norway, have bootstrapped the startup to this point, but a representative from the company tells me that they generated some interest from investors after their Demo Day.

One of the startup’s co-founders tells me that the idea for the company came to him while working in the street-food sector a couple of years ago and encountering difficulties with space. They ended up renting a unit at one of the existing storage companies, but became frustrated with the high cost, the minimum one-month rental period, and the location of his unit (far from the car). And then, when they did rent the space, there were times when not all of it was utilized.

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