Agrivi goes global with its farm management app

agrivi-screenFarming has long been a pretty simple practice but it may be pretty challenging too if you are serious about it. You may grab a book or check online to learn about good farming practices, but Croatian startup Agrivi aims to save people the trouble with an app for finding all the relevant information that they need in one place.

Agrivi, available on the web and through apps for iOS and Android, aims to attract professional farmers with alerts for disease, pests, and wees, a money-management platform, 7-day weather forecasts and 3-year weather histories for individual fields, information on best practices for 60 crops, and more. One of the nice aspects about this service is that it is free to small farms and those who are just growing something as a hobby, while larger farms end up paying.

The founder, Matija Zulj, tells me that he was inspired to create the business from frustrations with growing a blueberry farm, of all things. He says that he had spent 8 years in senior management roles in the tech industry and eventually decided that he wanted to create something tangible, as opposed to the online world he was familiar with, so he decided to adopt farming as a hobby. He soon encountered problems, however, as he discovered that most of the articles on farming, to which he turned for help, were quite confusing and not particularly helpful. Thus, he decided to develop his own tool to help farmers learn best practices and manage all aspects of their business.

Zulj tells me that the platform launched in Croatia in February and has already gone global, claiming “several thousand” users in 80 countries.

And others have taken notice, as the startup recently won at the 2014 World Startup Competition in Seoul. Zulj tells me that he initially funded the project himself, but then concluded a seed round worth 100K with private investors in January 2014.

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