QuickUp launches as mood-based social network

quickup-screenThe market for social networks has become incredibly crowded in recent years, with all sorts of services for connecting with friends, broadcasting your thoughts, sharing interests, and more. Nonetheless, new challengers continue to enter the market, including QuickUp, a Turkish startup aiming to be a sort of mood-oriented version of Twitter. 

Those who sign up will be reminded of Twitter, as the platform allows its users to broadcast their thoughts (in the form of “quicks”), apply location tags, and to follow the feeds and comment on the posts of other users. The uniqueness of the free service is in its tags for moods, as users are able to select moods and then attach photos or messages to it. There are also mood charts, to let you see how your moods and the moods of others have changed over time. The service is exclusive to iOS (although it’s possible to view profiles on the web) and remains in open beta at the moment.

One of the startup’s co-founders, Stephanie Yasemin Renique, tells me that that she and Ugur Bastug were inspired to develop the company while studying at Stanford this summer. She tells me that Bastug was working on Natural Language Processing, categorizing text for blogging. He found it to be difficult, but they simultaneously decided that they wanted to create a startup and decided that their skills could be applied to create a social network.

The startup has not revealed its funding, but they have been backed to this point by Koc University’s incubation center. Renique tells me that they are currently working on developing a stronger algorithm for tracking the mood charts and to use the feature to help users track their mood while connecting with other. They are also planning a widget for sites, which would offer users insight into how they would react to certain text, such as news articles, before sharing it. In particular, Renique says that they are aiming to roll out an app for the Apple Watch. In addition to developing the primary service, Renique plans to begin rolling the platform out in test markets, in order to determine their target audience.

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