Scaled Inference aims to bring ‘big machine intelligence’ to the masses

scaled-Inference-logoIt is not often that a startup rakes in tens of millions of dollars in funding before it even launches a product, but that would be in the case of Scaled Inference, a Turkish-American company created earlier this year. Few details are available on the project, but we know that the duo who created the business were long-term employees at Google and are now aiming to develop “machine learning” software that would exist in the cloud and be accessible to all.

CEO Olcan Sercinoglu, who created this startup with Dmitry Lepikhin, tells me that he first came up with the concept roughly 8 years ago, when he developed an interest in statistics while working on Google Trends, but that it took awhile for the ideas and pieces to come together to provide a long-term vision. Having reached that point, the pair has now left behind their jobs at Google to devote themselves to the project.

For now, Sercinoglu says that the plan is to make the basic service available for free online to anyone, while also offering private (on-site) deployment of their platform to companies who hold sensitive data. Until then, details regarding pricing and monetization will remain unclear.

There are no users at the moment, as Sercinoglu tells me that they are currently working to develop their private prototype. Sercinoglu tells me that they have not yet decided on a monetization strategy, but with $13.6 million in funding, money may not be an issue for awhile. The startup picked up its first external funding when it obtained $5.6 in seed funding from investors like Tencent, Felicis, and a handful of others earlier this year and then quickly followed that up with $8 million from Khosla Ventures in a Series A just last month.

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