French startup Prizm nears end of successful Kickstarter campaign for smart music player

prizm-playerFrench startup Prizm has come up with a device that aims to learn your habits and play the most appropriate song at a given time. It’s a triangular prism  (in black, white, or other as-yet-to-be-determined colors) that connects to Deezer or Spotify premium accounts, as well as free Soundcloud accounts. As you would expect from state-of-the-art devices, the unit connects to smartphones over WiFi and can be controlled remotely. Built upon the modern drive to create services which learn our habits, the creators of the device are billing it as a device that plays the ideal song, based on who is around, the time of day, etc.

Users can manage the playlist from their phones, but it is a device which connects to speakers and churns out music within one press of a button. If you come across a song that you like, there is a button which can be pushed and will then add it to your playlist. Or, there is another button to allow users to skip past the songs that they do not like. 

The team behind this project set a moderate goal at $70K for their crowdfunding campaign, but easily surpassed it, raising more than $148K from 1,126 backers with 3 days left to go. One of the project’s co-founders, Pierre Gochgarian, tells me that the team has bootstrapped the project to this point.

In terms of the inspiration behind the device, Gochgarian says that he and the other founders are avid users of streaming music services like Deezer and Spotify, but believed that there were not a lot of good devices for playing music at home. You can use your computer, or maybe an iPod dock, but these guys decided that they wanted to build their own. Gochgarian quit his job as a key account manager at magazine-discovery service LeKiosk, while fellow co-founders Olivier Roberdet and Arthur Eberhardt previously launched MyRobotics, a firm specializing in Internet of Things projects and in robotics.

As with most Kickstarter projects, it is too early to say how much traction that they will gain. The plan at the moment is to ship the device out to backers in June 2015. At the moment, the cheapest available device through backers would set you back $129. Gochgarian says that they are also planning to launch their apps, which they are currently beta testing, sometime before the devices are shipped out to backers.

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