Youstice simplifies and accelerates the customer-response aspect of managing a business

yousticeManaging a business can be pretty rewarding and exciting, but handling customer complaints is rarely viewed as one of the more fun aspects of the work. London-based startup Youstice, which launched this summer, aims to empower consumers and ease the complaint-response process on the business end.

A number of stores will offer cash or store credit if you return a product, but these guys aim to expand the options available to consumer by allowing them to propose their own and proceed to negotiate with the business. The process kicks off when the customer clicks on the “complaint” button on the merchant’s site. From there, they enter information about the product, indicate their problem with it (or with the shipping process, perhaps), and then propose a solution (or have the retailer offer one). The customer would ideally then come to an agreement with the retailer, but that is sometimes not possible. In those cases, Youstice says that users can appeal to a third-party for a judgement on the case. It is worth noting that those who submit complaints are required to create an account for any complaints that they wish to voice.

Youstice is taking aim at retailers, as well. For retailers, they are offering a dashboard that allows them to view individual complaints and negotiate on a resolution to the issue. One of the nicer aspects of this service is that they offer a six-month-long trial period, so there is ample time to decide whether it is a service worth using. After that, they offer packages on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the number of users needing the service. The monthly prices range from 10 Euro per month for up to 2 users to 1,000 Euro per month for more than 5 years. Those who want to pay on an annual basis, and access the discount that comes with it, can do so by shelling out from 100 Euro (2 users) to 1,000 Euro (5+ users). The company says that there are also custom plans available.

Youstice is not revealing their total financial backing at the moment, but the company would tell me that they have investment from Slovakia-based DanubiaTel and noted angel investor Esther Dyson.

Likewise, the company is not revealing their total number of users, but told me that they have picked up their first European customers (particularly from places such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, and the U.K.), as well as customers in the United States and Latin America.

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