Ginger Software unveils iOS version of popular mobile keyboard and an update for Android

gingerkeyboardGinger Software has developed a popular virtual keyboard which has attracted millions of downloads for Android, and now they are branching out with a version for iOS. The company says that 100K people have already indicated interest in an app for iOS8. The app for iOS is ready to be downloaded by the public.

Back in September, Israeli company released a video detailing features that it believes helps its keyboard stand apart from competitors from the likes of Apple, Google, Swiftkey, Swype, and more. Two of the most notable features, predictive typing and themes, are familiar to users of other keyboards, but Ginger has added a few improvements to stand out.

The first would be themes. Whereas most keyboard providers allow people to change colors and shapes to their liking, one of the interesting features of this update for the Ginger keyboard is that they allow users to create their own themes, selecting colors and the style of button for further customization, which they can then save under a name of their choice. Eventually, the company says that they intend to allow users to add photos in the background.

The other is word prediction. While word prediction comes standard with a number of keyboard, Ginger Software is aiming to go a step further by connecting with the company’s page, which offers buttons that allow users to access definitions, synonyms, a writing guide (if you need suggestions for better ways to phrase the text you have written, and instant translations. It is no surprise that Ginger offers these features, as the company has developed software that can be downloaded to help users improve their English.

Ginger Software was founded back in 2008 and claims $21 million in backing from Horizon Ventures and Harbor Pacific Capital.

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