Video content promotion agency BuzzMyVideos raises $2.5M in Series A

BuzzMyVideosTeamThe main argument of BuzzMyVideos‘ founders, which asserts that the video content on YouTube actually comes from the sources outside the US and therefore has big international marketing potential, seems to prove right. The Italian-Turkish-founded UK-headquartered company announced today the closure of $2.5 million Series A funding from United Ventures.

The money will be spent on both improving the technologies and growing the editing team, according to the announcement on the company blog.

BuzzMyVideos’ model is based on signing up video content creators and promote their works with several optimization solutions across video sharing platforms. The company says the new funding will accelerate international growth, with new revenue streams for creators introduced along the way.

The service, which includes products like BuzzTools, is currently offered in English, Italian, Russian and Turkish languages.

The statement signed by co-founders Paola Marinone and Bengu Atamer, reads “As consumer behaviour shifts from traditional television viewing to streaming at convenience via computers, tablets and mobile devices, a huge ecosystem of creators and users has fast arisen on the media landscape. According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all internet traffic and Informa predicts that the market will have reached a worth of $37 billion by 2017.  This burgeoning new industry is thriving globally and BuzzMyVideos has emerged as a key international player operating largely in six key verticals; beauty, entertainment, food, music, technology and games.”

Massimiliano Magrini, the co-founder and managing director at Milan-based United Ventures, said “The founders have unrivaled knowledge of the market and online video and are backed by a world-class team with a penchant for innovative technologies and an international outlook. We’re very excited to support them as they cement their position as pioneers in this new era of online video.”

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