All numbers you need to know about flourishing Turkish internet ecosystem

With over 57 million credit card accounts, Turkey is among the top countries in terms of credit card penetration. Supported with a robust and modern banking system, and a relatively young population of around 80 million, Turkey has been adopting well to the merits of digital world.

For example, the number of mobile broadband subscribers jumped from 12.3 million in 2013 Q1 to 26.4 million in 2014 Q1, while total mobile banking customers more than doubled from 3.59 million in June 2013 to 7.5 million in June 2014.


However, when you look at the overall usage of internet in shopping, the figures show that almost 70% of all connected people in Turkey have never ever paid for anything via the internet in 2014. Mostly due to trust issues, the Turkish population seems not having effectively unleashed their potential in digital commerce yet, which, considered together with the demographic and economic data, means there is still a lot of room for further digital growth in the country which wants to position itself as a region digital hub.


I believe the data we compiled into the below infographic will help those who wish to get a better idea about the Turkish internet market. The full Webrazzi report titled “Turkish Internet Ecosystem” can be found at the bottom of the page. For further actions and info about growing your business across the region, you can stay tuned to Start Istanbul, the newest gathering of internet professionals who aim to grow Istanbul further into a regional hub in global internet economy. Those with Turkish language skills can also tap into Webrazzi PRO, the unique source of data and information on national and international digital markets.


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