10 Minutes With is a platform through which corporate executives impart wisdom on aspiring professionals

10minuteswithA solid education and work experience typically offers a boost for job prospects, but sometimes it is not enough. London-based startup 10 Minutes With only launched in 2013, but it has already attracted 100K from 1,000 schools to a platform that aims to help new graduates boost their job prospects with advice from experts in the corporate world. It may not ensure the aspiring professionals a job, but startup hopes that users will find practical tips on moving up the corporate chain.

10 Minutes aims to fill a few different roles, offering a job board for those seeking work and video interviews from various experts in marketing, IT, engineering, and other fields. The service is free for individual users, but they need to create an account, by email or a social-media account, to access full videos and the rest of the service.

Manfredi Di Cintio, the founder and current CEO of the startup, says that he decided to create the business because he found that, despite working in close contact with different people during his time in the corporate world, he frequently did not understand what type of skills and experience their jobs require and came to believe that young people entering this world were likely not prepared as they could be. Thus, he set about developing a platform through which executives and professionals from a number of specialities and companies can offer tips on navigating various aspects of the professional world.

While the service is free to individual users, the company generates revenue by signing up business schools and matching their students to some of the job postings.

10 Minutes With launched in London, but have already turned their attention towards global expansion. In particular, they have set their sights on Asia, opening offices in Beijing, Singapore, and New Dehli. Now, the company says that they are turning their attention acrosss the ocean, expanding into the American market by the end of this year.

Just last month, the startup announced that they have picked up $4 million in funding to fuel their global expansion plans. Despite the large figure, the company declined to identify the new backers, stating only that the funding comes from a group of private investors from around the globe.

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