Reedsy connects aspiring writers with freelance experts to help polish self-published works

reedsyHistorically it has been quite difficult to get your books out there without a publisher to promote it. Self-publishing has become increasingly possible in recent years, but frequently potential authors are left to their own devices in terms of publishing. Meet Reedsy, a UK-based startup aiming to help wannabe authors by providing a platform for collaboration with industry experts, in order to obtain critical advice and spruce up their writing.

Essentially, the service allows aspiring writers to sign in to the service and connect with verified freelancers, such as editors, translators, designers, marketers, and so forth in order to hire them for various tasks. One the writer has finalized their draft and is ready to publish, the service states that the work can be published to all major bookstores. As of now, the service remains in beta.

Reedsy was founded by in January, but only announced last month that they are opening to authors last month. Going forward, CEO Emmanuel Nataf says that they intend to roll out project-management tools that will facilitate collaboration between the writers and the freelancers.

The startup has not been around long, but they already have external backing. Back in July, the company announced that they have picked up an undisclosed amount of seed funding from a pair of London-based investors in DC Thomson Ventures and Seedcamp. It was announced at the time that Seedcamp decided to invest in Reedsy after the startup’s team pitched at Seedamp Berlin. Although we do not have details on the size of the investment, we know that it was split 50-50 between the two investors.

There are already services for those who know what they are doing, such as Softcover and Nook Press, among others, but a service like Nook Press basically leaves authors to turn to others for free advice in their forum.

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