Raspberry Pi gets smaller and cheaper with Model A+

raspberry-pi-aplusThe Raspberry Pi Foundation, the UK-based producer of single-board microcomputer Raspberry Pi, has announced today the upgraded version of Model A and, more importantly, lowered the price of the DIY board by 5$, to 20$.

The Linux-based microcomputer which has been a hit since its launch in late 2011 uses the BCM2835 application processor in Mode A+ and 256MB RAM. The company says the board has all features present in Model B+ but uses much less power and comes in a smaller package compared to Model A (65mm in length, versus 86mm for the latter).

Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton said in a blog post “When we announced Raspberry Pi back in 2011, the idea of producing an “ARM GNU/Linux box for $25″ seemed ambitious, so it’s pretty mind-bending to be able to knock another $5 off the cost while continuing to build it here in the UK, at the same Sony factory in South Wales we use to manufacture the Model B+.

Model A+ is available at Farnell in the UK, and MCM in the US.

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